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Percent of Slocan Valley Housing Stock that is Single Family Detached Housing (Most on Acreages) 98%
Percent of Slocan Valley Seniors (65 and over) living below the “Low Income Measure (LIM-AT) (230 Seniors) 26%
Existing affordable non-profit Rental Housing for Slocan Valley Low Income (LIM-AT) Seniors (20 Units) 9%
Increase in affordable non-profit Rental Housing in the Slocan Valley on completion of our Slocan Valley Housing Project 60%
Projected Increase in Seniors 65 and over in RDCK between 2010 and 2030 71%
Percent of Slocan Valley Population over 50 years as of 2011 46%


What's behind these numbers?

The Human Side of Numbers

“Half of B.C. seniors live on $24,000 per year or less and more than 50,000 seniors are living on $20,000 or less. These are incomes that will not rise and many costs related to declining health care are not covered for many of our lowest-income seniors. Some seniors are making ends meet by either living in substandard housing or by foregoing other basic needs and no one wants to see this happen to our seniors in their final years.” …. BC Senior’s Advocate Isobel Mackenzie

Rural Realities

What about our Valley?

Local Impact

In addition to the usual challenges of aging, seniors in the Slocan Valley are further challenged by limited public transportation. The loss of a driver’s license for seniors in our Valley is devastating and take its toll in increased isolation and deteriorating health.  Unfortunately, even when Valley seniors of limited income or assets look to nearby town centres for housing options, they find wait lists of up to ten years for subsidized housing in Nelson and Castlegar.