Charitable Status

We are a Charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and as such file our annual financial returns with them each year to keep our Charitable Status in good order and allow us to provide charitable tax receipts for donations received. For more information see the CRA website by clicking on this link.

Charitable Receipts for donations made by cash, cheque, gifts or stock transfers

For these types of donations, we will issue income tax receipts provided the donation meets all of the criteria set by the Canada Revenue Agency. We do not issue charitable receipts for donations made by cash, cheque or gifts less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00). For online donations, the minimum for issuing charitable receipts is three dollars ($3.00) as the receipt issuing process is fully automated for us. For more information on the CRA donations criteria click on this link.

On Line Donations

To provide the most secure and efficient method of paying online, our donors have the option of making their donations via Interac OnlineVisa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal or Gift Cards, by using the Canada Helps secure secure online payment portal.  For online donations, we have no minimum for issuing charitable receipts as the receipt issuing process is fully automated for us.

Now that we have successfully fundraised to bring another 12 units of Seniors’ Housing to the valley  you can now choose where your donated funds go if you donate online. There we have three different funds that you can choose from to direct how your donation will be used  for the benefit of the Society’s work.

  • 100 – Society General – Funds donated to this fund may be used for charitable works at the discretion of the Board of Directors,
  • 200 – Slocan Project – Funds donated to this fund will be used improve the Slocan City Suites,
  • 300 – Passmore Lodge – Funds donated to this fun will be used for the benefit of our Passmore Lodge facility.

Donations of securities can also be made using this portal and we encourage you to speak with your financial advisor about the benefits of making charitable donations in this fashion. For more information or to make a donation, click on the following Canada Helps Logo

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