2016 Hike or Bike for Housing


We did it before, when we built Passmore Lodge in 1999 and together we’ll do it again only this time in Slocan! For more information on the ambitious Slocan Housing project click on this link.

Hike or Bike for Housing

This is our invitation to the community to come out and show their support for keeping our seniors safe and secure in the valley we all love by participating in our three day “Hike or Bike for Housing”. This fun event will make great use of our Rail Trail system which helps us stay fit and connected with one another.


  • SENIOR HIKERS & BIKERS to hike or bike all or part of the route… and to secure pledges before the hike.
  • COMPANION HIKERS & BIKERS to join the seniors hiking & biking. Family, friends, clubs, students, and sport groups. Everyone is welcome to get pledges and hike.  Challenge yourself and others!
  • VOLUNTEERS to greet participants at the end of the day and direct them to a local community centre for food and celebration.
  • PLEDGERS to sponsor participants.

Our trek will commence September 30, 2016 as follows;

  • Friday Sept. 30th, 2016……Starting 8:00 am from Crescent Valley Rail Trailhead  to Passmore Hall for food & Celebration (16.5 km)
  • Saturday Oct. 1st, 2016………….Starting 8:00 am from Passmore Hall to Appledale Hall for food & Celebration (14.2 km)
  • Sunday Oct.  2, 2016…………….Starting 8:00 am from Appledale Hall to Royal Canadian Legion Hall, Slocan  for food & Celebration (16.2 km)