SVSHS Seniors’ Outreach & Fitness Programs

Seniors Outreach Programs

Due to Covid 19 our in-person 2020-2021 Fitness programs have been put on hiatus. Don’t worry though, we moved the classes online on our Facebook page . Enjoy Chair Yoga and Feldenkrais sessions every Monday and Thursday and  reruns of the classes throughout the rest of the week.

Slocan Valley Seniors Housing Society Minutes of Board Meetings

Your board is committed to transparency and openness to our membership, staff, tenants, donors, partners and communities that have supported us so strongly. To further our commitment in this regard and to make it easier to access your board minutes, we will be publishing board minutes as they are approved.

AGM minutes will be posted once approved by the board. However, these will also require membership approval to be considered the official record of business transacted at an AGM.  The board submits AGM minutes to the membership for approval at the  subsequent AGM. Where the membership has also approved the record of the AGM, this will be reflected in the link title. 

Please note that as is the usual custom in all organizations, minutes of “In Camera” meetings that typically deal with personnel, investment or other topics of a confidential nature will not be published.

2021 Minutes

2020 Minutes

2019 Minutes

2018 Minutes

2017 Minutes

  AGM Notice

Slocan Valley Seniors’ Housing Society

Notice of Annual General Meeting and Social

Date: We hold our AGM in the fall of each year.
Registration and  Social: t.b.d.
Meeting: t.b.d.
Place: Passmore Lodge, 3650 Passmore Old Rd. ~  in Passmore BC.


Note:  any new memberships must be purchased 30 days prior to the AGM to be able to vote at the meeting. Current members may still renew their memberships at the door on the date of the meeting.  If you would like to renew your membership and save time at the door,  you may download a renewal application here, complete it and bring it to the meeting along with your $5.00 membership fee.

Click on any of the following items to download a pdf copy for reading or printing.

2021-22 Board

  1. Sally Mackenzie, President,
  2. Ruth Hackett,  First Vice-President,
  3. Juliann Ross, Second Vice – President,
  4. Joanne Feenstra, Treasurer,
  5. Sam Simpson, Secretary,
  6. Clayton McCann, Director,
  7. Robert Inwood, Director,
  8. Huguette Marr, Director,
  9. Ann Harvey, Director.

There is a POLICY & PROCEDURE manual that provides direction to the board, the staff, and the tenants.

Each tenant has a copy of the TENANTS’ HANDBOOK that provides information to tenants about our facilities and the policies that govern them.